Ahavas Chesed USA
Ahavas Chesed USA

Its likely you know someone who has been in this situation.

A young child in the hospital with RSV, broken bones, maybe even in the ICU with cardiac problems. A young child who cant be left alone, but there are another 3, 4, 5, maybe even 10 other siblings at home. And Mommy and Tatty cant be everywhere- in the hospital, home with the other children, at work, driving carpool, making dinner… so now what?

Now Ahavas Chesed steps in. We fill in the gaps, ensuring that all hospitalized children, no matter what condition, diagnoses, or length of hospital stay, are never left alone. A couple hours, overnight, Shabbos, yom tov, hospital stay in another state, that child _will not _be left alone because Ahavas Chesed is involved.

Picture it:

A family, where Mommy makes it to Sara’s siddur play because a volunteer is with Moishe.

A family, eating dinner together for the first time in 4 weeks because a volunteer is with little Chaya.

A family, with Tatty leading the seder, because a volunteer is spending Pesach with Sruly in Cincinnati Children’s hospital.

A family who has the strength to make it through Tova’s pediatric oncology stay because they know they can take a break when they need it.

Picture it. And become a part of it.

Without funds, we cant help Moishe, little Chaya, Sruly, or Tova’s families.

Your gift helps us get a volunteer to Moishe’s bedside in upstate NY at 6 am so his Mommy can make it home in time. It helps us give a hot dinner to Chaya’s family, and pay for Ubers to and from the airport in Cincinnati for the volunteer going to Sruly’s bedside. It allows us to bring toys and nosh to Tova when she spends yet another Shabbos in the hospital, and to allow the volunteer to stay with her until her mother can finally come motzi Shabbos at 1 am.

We turn to you and ask you to become part of our family, a family dedicated to keeping stability during difficult times.

Donate today!

With much appreciation,

Devorah Zaks

Estee Berger

Chaya Dym

***All money goes directly to aid families and patients. Ahavas Chesed volunteers and staff do not benefit from the money raised.

The tzedakah raised from this campaign should be a zechus for an ileuli nishama for hayeled Yehousha Yehonason ben Dovid Shalom.

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